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April 1, 2015

Ideas for Creating Better Learning Spaces

With Global Libraries in Our Pockets Physical Spaces Create Meaning
Photo credit: Francis W. Parker School

Reinvent the Library: From Archive to Active Learning

It's not about paper versus ebooks, it's about creating an environment where kids can construct new knowledge.

Create a Community to Provide Tools, Resources, and Opportunities
Photo credit: Francis W. Parker School

4 Tips to Transform Your Learning Space

It doesn't have to be expensive or difficult -- especially if you have #4.

Middlebury Demo

A Maker Space Allows Students to Explore Things That Interest Them

Making Room for Making

Learn how one teacher is converting an underutilized resource area into a maker space.

Think About the Future of Libraries During School Library Month

Reimagining the Library

Watch the impact of redesigned libraries on students learning new technologies.

Guide Children As a Love of Reading Rarely Happens on Its Own

30+ Ways to Help Kids Love Reading

Check out these teacher and parent-tested tips for getting your kiddos to read.


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