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October 7, 2015

Parent-Teacher Conferences 2.0

In today's busy world, it's nice to communicate via website, blog, or email

Beyond Conferences to Collaboration

Tips for engaging parents to foster better (and more personalized!) conferences.

See How It's Done to learn how students take ownership of meetings

Strategies for Rocking Student-Led Conferences

 VIDEO   Watch how you can put students in the driver's seat to deepen their reflection, engagement, and agency.

PBS Back to School

The basic parts (prep, note taking, logistics, follow-up) are key

9 Tips for Organizing Family Conferences

Simple steps you can take to make family conferences more welcoming and efficient.

This includes an overview, how it's done, and resources

Sharing Data to Create Stronger Parent Partnerships

 VIDEO   See how detailed reports on student skills and performance helps this school open a two-way line of communication.

Middlebury ELL Curriculum

Frustration often results from unmet expectations or misunderstanding

How to Deal With Upset Parents

 COMMUNITY   Four tips that can help you in those moments of parent frustration.

  A SPECIAL EDUTOPIA BLOG SERIES PRESENTED BY Horace Mann Teachers have common planning time for this cross-curricular project

Finding the Sweet Spot: Creativity, Candy, and Commerce

Steal this sweet PBL unit (pun intended!) on financial literacy.



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